Jennifer Lopez’s beauty secrets revealed!

J-Lo recently celebrated her 50th birthday, but the pop icon looks barely a day over 30. Here we take a guess at the secrets behind what’s keeping this diva looking so divine. To help you understand the behind-the-scenes beauty of achieving such a miraculously youth look, we’ve done some expert analysis for you and produced a cheat sheet for everyone looking to age so gracefully.

What’s down to simply good genes? And what can only be achieved with a nip, tuck and a tweak? Here’s our opinion, from brow to toe.  

Looking at before and after images of Jennifer Lopez, it is obvious she has certainly had a number of cosmetic treatments done. And by cosmetic treatments, we don’t necessarily mean cosmetic surgery, per se. 

Forehead – She is certainly using muscle relaxing treatments to the forehead to relax her forehead lines with botulinum toxin, and around the eyes, too, to prevent any crow feet wrinkles forming around this delicate region. 

Brows – Her eyebrows have maintained their position likely due to an eyebrow lift, which has the added effect of keeping her eyes looking more open, creating a youthful appearance. She doesn’t have the tired appearance look that one gets with the aging process. 

Eyes – Her under eyes look like they have filler in the tear trough region or usage of PDO thread. This has the added benefit of not just lifting the skin, stimulating collagen production, tightening the pores, promoting new blood vessel formation and orbital rejuvenation.

Nose  – She has almost certainly had a rhinoplasty, alarplasty and tip refinement to her nose. The nasal bridge appears narrower and straighter and her alas, (the nostril area of the nose) have been reduced in size because they are in line with her inter-canthal distance (the distance between her medial part of the eyes). Mind you, most of these outcomes can also be achieved with PDO threads in specific regions of the nose, so this also may have been used.

Cheeks – Her cheeks look filled with cheek filler. They appear well defined and contoured, enabling her to use less makeup to achieve the effect of high cheekbones.

Naso-labial area – She doesn’t appear to have deep smile lines or nasolabial folds, which might be attributed to the usage of dermal fillers or a thread lift in that area.

Lips- Her lips look augmented both in definition (around the lips) and volume (within the lips) with the help of fillers.

Jaw – Her jaw angle and jawline looks cosmetically tweaked, which may be due to using fillers to contour the jaw. The margins of the jaw are more protruded, broader, and more angular, which is the case when jawline augmentation and refinement is done. It could also be the case that she has had toxin injected into the masseters to give her a more v-shaped jawline. 

Chin – Her chin looks augmented to put it in proportion to her facial dimensions. This aides the perception of a refined jawline, as the skin is tight around that region. She also doesn’t have visible marionette lines (the lines from the angle of the mouth to the chin), which implies that they have been filled with filler or PDO threaded.

Skin – Her skin looks radiant and could be due to laser therapy to the skin. Laser therapy revitalises the skin whilst reducing discolouration of the skin and evening out of her skin tone. No doubt she has a team of Hollywood facialists and make-up artists taking great care of her skin.

Good genes – Of course, everyone’s looks are dictated by their genes; and it would seem she has a very good set of genes that make her more predisposed towards aging gracefully. It has also helped that she has physically maintained herself and kept herself healthy. However, it would be hard to fathom a 50 year old woman looking this youthful without the help of cosmetic interventions and tweakments!

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Photo cred @Jlo

6 tips to remove your stretch marks

An estimated 80% of us have stretch marks. They develop when rapid growth happens in a short period of time, causing a visible rupture of collagen. Some people wear them with pride calling them their ‘tiger stripes’, and others find that they fade in time to a less noticeable light silver. However, the majority of us find that they don’t budge and seek solutions to help them fade. Here are six ways to tackle stretch marks. 

Try laser therapy



Laser therapy can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It works by heating up the upper layers of the skin’s tissue, causing underlying fibres to produce more collagen; stimulating the skin to repair and restore damaged cells. 


Moisturise skin with Bio-Oil 


Retaining your skin’s moisture and elasticity by keeping it hydrated can help. Try cult product Bio-Oil, which contains soothing and anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


Invest in a chemical peel


If you’re suffering from severe stretch marks that don’t fade with gentler methods, try an intensive chemical peel. The chemical, phenol, is able to permeate the dermis at a very deep level to remove the outer layers of skin and dead skin cells, revealing renewed, plumper, more youthful skin beneath, free of unsightly silvery stripes.

Take regular exercise



Exercise improves circulation, helping skin to preserve elastin and protect against the formation of stretch marks. Build this into your regular routine. 


Consider fillers 


Fillers can enhance and improve stretch marks. PRP, PRF and HA fillers work by injecting concentrated proteins into your skin to stimulate collagen growth and trigger accelerated healing deep down. These fillers contain incredibly powerful growth factors and proteins that have immense healing power when unleashed near the site of a stretch mark injury. 


Experiment with micro-needling 


Try a micro-needling treatment such as eDermastamp to restore collagen production deep in the layers of your skin. The treatment is administered with a professional electronic device, similar to a microneedle. These ultra-fine needles are rolled over the stretch mark, enabling absorption of potent treatments and causing stretch marks to fade.

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How to reverse sun damage in 5 simple steps 

An estimated 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun. Sun damage can speed up signs of aging, such as the formation of fine lines, loss of elasticity and formation of crepey skin. At Harley Street Surgery, we’ve put together our top tips to help you prevent and reverse skin damage caused by the sun. 


Invest in high-quality sunscreen


People who use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher daily show 24% less skin aging than those who do not use sunscreen daily. Always try to wear an SPF 50 on your face, neck, and hands. Go for high-quality brands that will shield your delicate skin against UVA and UVB damage. Reapply every two hours for maximum protection. 


Consider a chemical peel


Renowned for its ability to turn back time, a chemical peel is the deepest, most powerful anti-aging peel you can get. It is able to permeate the dermal layer at a very deep level to remove the outer layers of skin and symptoms of skin damage, such as sunspots, pigmentation and fine lines, revealing renewed, plumper, more youthful skin beneath. Perfect for clients looking to turn back the hands of time once the damage has been done. 


Follow a daily skincare regime 


General maintenance and looking after your skin will help you protect against and reduce signs of sun damage. Choose products that are appropriate for your skin type. Follow the five-step principle of cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise, and oil every morning and evening, and you’ll be well on your way to beautiful, youthful skin. Of course, top this off with sunscreen during the day.  

Try PRP therapy 

PRP is a highly powerful antioxidant created from your own blood that can reverse unwanted signs of aging and reinvigorate your skin. It harnesses the power of blood platelets which contain incredibly powerful growth factors and proteins that have immense healing power. When PRP is injected into your skin, the concentrated proteins activate collagen growth and heal and plump the skin after sun damage has occurred.




Use micro-needling to boost collagen production 


Microneedling aims to restore collagen production deep in the layers of your skin. The treatment is administered with a professional ultra-fine needle device which is rolled over the face, enabling potent treatments to be absorbed and penetrating the dermis layer, giving an almost immediate plumping effect. A process of healing and repair is kicked-off by the skin’s auto-immune response, filling in dark marks, pigmentation and wrinkles caused by skin damage. 

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5 reasons why tweakments are the biggest beauty trend of 2019 

At Harley Street Surgery, we’ve noticed the trend for tweakments; non-surgical lifts, tweaks, freezes, fluffs, fills, peels and puffs – and they are soaring in popularity with our patients. Women and men are turning to tweakments as opposed to full-blown surgical interventions in the bid to age naturally and gradually. We’re digging into the trend here with five reasons why it’s happening, and why we’ll see it continuing into 2020.

It’s the new aesthetic trend

Consumers are shifting towards the natural, individualistic beauty look over a fake, homogenised, one-size-fits-all look. Liquid facelifts, PRP & PRF, non-surgical nose jobs and PDO contouring tap into this new mindset of people wanting to look like themselves, but a little more refined. Tweakments offer a boost to our confidence, ease the effects of aging, and aren’t obvious to our friends and family. 

You don’t look like you’ve had anything ‘done’ 

Severe facelifts or noses that look like they’ve been ‘done’ a few too many times have put people off traditional plastic surgery methods. Consumers are moving  ‘beyond botox’ and ‘Extreme Makeover’ style transformations to prefer more subtle, incremental courses of high-technology treatments that offer fluffs and puffs every other month to maintain their natural beauty. Staples and bandages are out, “I woke up like this” beauty is in.  

You can be in’n’out   

Tweakments can be done on a lunchtime break. Clients love the ease of being in’n’out on a break from work and it’s a more attractive choice than lengthy, time-consuming operations.

1 – Results are highly personalisable

If done with a qualified cosmetic doctor, the incredible results achieved with tweakments can sometimes far surpass those achieved with surgical interventions. Tweakments are super effective with clients suffering from early signs of aging – outcomes can be fine-tuned to achieve individualised goals.

2 – It’s quick and easy and you’ll look amazing 

Instead of the pain and lengthy recovery time needed when going under the knife, with tweakments, you can book, attend and recover on the same day. Minimal downtime or recovery is needed and treatments can be slotted easily into your daily routine. 

3 – Which tweakments are available at Harley Street Surgery? 

Dr. Bhar’s tweakments are always tailored to the individual needs and aesthetic taste of every patient, producing natural, youthful and beautiful looking results. Harley Street Surgery offers all state-of-the-art tweakments, including peels, fillers, PFP, PRP, medical facials, phenol peels, liquid facials, diamond microdermabrasion, PDO contouring and rejuvenation, eDermastamp, injectable moisturisers, botox, and lasers, to name but a few. 

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How to create a stunning facial glow that lasts

Aging gracefully is an uphill battle. The tricks up every woman’s sleeve usually include an arsenal of expensive skincare products and a rigorous and time-consuming routine. What if there was something simpler, more effective and longer lasting? Luckily, Dr. Bhar has developed the medical facial, the perfect option for women who want to opt-out of the daily grind of maintenance and opt into a quicker, more effective and more powerful form of facial.

What is a medical facial?

A medical facial is a potent and highly effective type of facial that can only be performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Long-term effects are the goal; with every treatment specifically designed with each patient in mind. Whatever your skin type, tone, concern and goals, Dr. Bhar will work closely with you to formulate the best approach to your medical facial.

In regular salons, you may find that the glow effect achieved by a facial lasts only a few days. In contrast, the purpose of a medical facial is to benefit the skin long term.

What does the treatment include?

Medical facials work on a cellular level by implementing customized clinical techniques, such as infra-red light and laser therapies, extra-strength formula concentrations, technological beauty innovations, and active ingredients. Each treatment is personalized the patient’s skin type and needs.

All techniques and ingredients are used to help brighten, tighten and reduce signs of aging, as well as stimulating collagen production and facial contouring to help prevent future aging.

How regularly should I have a medical facial?

Medical facials can be done after every 4 to 5 weeks depending on your skin’s condition in order to maintain a regular pattern of exfoliation and healthy skin. Effects of the medical facial last for few months after each facial.

Why choose Dr. Bhar?

Dr. Bhar is a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon and is an expert in aesthetic facial treatments. His procedures are always tailored to the individual needs and aesthetic taste of every patient, producing healthier, more youthful and smoother skin. A specialised procedure such as this should always be handled by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Bhar to ensure it meets your expectations and is safe.

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