6 tips to remove your stretch marks

An estimated 80% of us have stretch marks. They develop when rapid growth happens in a short period of time, causing a visible rupture of collagen. Some people wear them with pride calling them their ‘tiger stripes’, and others find that they fade in time to a less noticeable light silver. However, the majority of us find that they don’t budge and seek solutions to help them fade. Here are six ways to tackle stretch marks. 

Try laser therapy



Laser therapy can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It works by heating up the upper layers of the skin’s tissue, causing underlying fibres to produce more collagen; stimulating the skin to repair and restore damaged cells. 


Moisturise skin with Bio-Oil 


Retaining your skin’s moisture and elasticity by keeping it hydrated can help. Try cult product Bio-Oil, which contains soothing and anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


Invest in a chemical peel


If you’re suffering from severe stretch marks that don’t fade with gentler methods, try an intensive chemical peel. The chemical, phenol, is able to permeate the dermis at a very deep level to remove the outer layers of skin and dead skin cells, revealing renewed, plumper, more youthful skin beneath, free of unsightly silvery stripes.

Take regular exercise



Exercise improves circulation, helping skin to preserve elastin and protect against the formation of stretch marks. Build this into your regular routine. 


Consider fillers 


Fillers can enhance and improve stretch marks. PRP, PRF and HA fillers work by injecting concentrated proteins into your skin to stimulate collagen growth and trigger accelerated healing deep down. These fillers contain incredibly powerful growth factors and proteins that have immense healing power when unleashed near the site of a stretch mark injury. 


Experiment with micro-needling 


Try a micro-needling treatment such as eDermastamp to restore collagen production deep in the layers of your skin. The treatment is administered with a professional electronic device, similar to a microneedle. These ultra-fine needles are rolled over the stretch mark, enabling absorption of potent treatments and causing stretch marks to fade.

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