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Laser Hair Removal in London

Laser Hair removal is gathering people worldwide with the hope of a life free from unnecessary hair. This means waxing, shaving and plucking could be things of the past.

This technology has been backed by clinical research that has confirmed results that it can relieve patients from unwanted hair within a specialized clinic in London’s Harley Street.

Laser hair removal gives the most successful results on light and dark hair. However, lighter or darker skins can also be treated achieving the equivalent results.

Lasers can only destroy hair when they are in their growth phase. Twenty percent of hair is actually resting or dormant at any one time, laser hair removal sessions must be repeated so that will treat this hair when they re-enter the growth cycle. Normally all these areas will require at least six to eight laser hair removal treatments.

How many treatments are required actually depends on many factors like:

The skin and the hair type, patient’s ethnic background, hormonal balance, and skin sensitivity are some of the factors. It is not possible to categorically state how many treatments each individual will require, though this can be discussed at a consultation with a laser therapist at a London clinic.

Laser hair removal can treat all outer areas of the body and face without no time consumption provided that a patch test is done prior to having the laser hair removal treatment, in addition, this can be arranged at the clinic.


What age is recommended for laser hair removal?

Those who are under the age of 18 require the presence of a parent on the first consultation and written consent from a parent, the risks of laser hair removal for them are the same as for an adult.

When one is ready to have this treatment, a cool gel is gently applied to the area that is required to be treated. The laser hand-piece is then carefully placed against the skin and pulses of intense light are then delivered into the skin. During this time of the treatment, some of the hair is already wiped off, yet it can take up to two to three weeks for all the hair that has been treated to completely fall out.

It can be treated with no taking too much of a patients time and there are no scars or bruising after but slight redness.


Dr. Dheeraj Bhar – Cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. D Bhar has trained across three continents and is a Diplomate of the Royal College Of Surgeons of Glasgow, a Korean Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon and Board Certified from the American Board Of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Bhar brings you an Exclusive and Premier service in Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery.

He doesn’t just practice Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery,  he practices the art of perfecting beauty by creating through meticulous skill and delicate dexterity a vision to sculpt and reshape the human form.

He makes people beautiful.

You can schedule your free consultation with Dr. Dheeraj Bhar today! Visit or Call 020 7935 6554

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