How to lose arm fat: the truth

Upper arm fat AKA “bingo wings” can be a troublesome area for women. It bothered 25,000 women in 2016 so much they all had an upper arm lift, up 4,959% from 2000 (American Society of Plastic Surgeons).

A flabby arm has the ability to put you off wearing your favourite strappy top, or make you carefully angle your arm in photos to avoid unflattering shots. The truth is, whilst you may have been told it’s impossible to target with exercise and diet, there is a secret solution that thousands of women are using to achieve perfectly toned arms.

Why do our arms become flabby?

Arms age due to loss of collagen, weight gain and loss, and environmental factors such as sun damage.

What is a PDO arm rejuvenation?

Inserting PDO threads carefully under the skin can help to contour and tone your arms shape as well as lift excess skin and fat. The threads cause the underlying supportive tissue to tighten, adding the required definition to the upper arm. The great thing about PDO arm rejuvenation is that effects can be seen immediately, with full results evident by 6-8 weeks.

Are other arm treatments are available?

As well as a PDO method, Dr. Bhar can perform a variety of aesthetic methods that will all improve the appearance of your arms, including laser, energy, and surgical brachioplasty techniques.

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