How to achieve perfectly toned calves

Many men and women desire sexy, toned calves.

Whilst some of us slave in the gym only to achieve over-bulky calf muscles, others feel their legs are not shapely or toned enough. How many of us go to try on this season’s best boots, only to find they won’t zip up over our calves? Many people find calf contouring is the perfect solution to this source of body image distress.

What are the benefits of calf contouring?

– Smaller calves
– More proportionate calves and legs
– Increased confidence wearing dresses, skirts and knee-high boots
– Smoother legs
– Instant results

Are you a candidate for calf contouring?

We will consider you a good candidate for calf contouring if as well as being in good health you have one or more of the following concerns:

– Over-developed calves – either excessive muscle or fat
– Calves are out of proportion
– Wide calf circumference
– Calf asymmetry
– Boots are tight around the calf
– Desire to have slimmer, more proportionate legs

Which calf contouring treatment is best for you?

During consultation at his Harley Street clinic, we will talk you through the calf contouring treatment options available and establish which procedure will suit you best:

Muscle relaxant injections: This treatment is designed for patients with large calves caused by excessive muscle. Here toxin is injected into targeted areas with very small needles (to aid comfort). The procedure takes around 30-40 minutes.

PDO threads: This involves insertion of polydioxanone threads which stimulate collagen production, increase circulation, lipolysis and improves structural integration. By inserting them in strategic places around the calf muscles, a more slimmed appearance of the calf can be achieved which can last longer than toxin.

Combined toxin injections and PDo threads: These produce a more immediate and longer lasting effect.

Why choose Dr. Bhar?

Dr. Bhar is an expert in leg and calf contouring. His calf contouring procedures are always tailored to the individual needs and aesthetic taste of every patient, producing natural, youthful and beautiful results. A specialised procedure such as this should always be handled by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Bhar to ensure it meets your expectations and is safe.

To discuss your concerns and expectations about how to achieve perfectly toned legs, and which treatment would work best for you, schedule your free consultation with Dr. Dheeraj Bhar today.

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