The quickest way to significantly improve your neck

The face is often the focus for anti-aging treatments, with women investing early on in botox and collagen to prevent premature formation of lines and sagging. But many of us forget how time can take its toll on the neck; a primary spot for telltale signs of aging. Turn back the clock and regain your youthful silhouette with a quick and easy, non-surgical PDO neck thread treatment.

How does a neck rejuvenation work? 

PDO thread lift is an effective cosmetic technique that lifts and tightens sagging skin tissues by inducing collagen production. A PDO neck lift will add tautness and tightness to sagging skin or wrinkles on the neck. Depending on the patient’s desired results, this can be performed in combination with a dermal filler or an autologous fat graft to achieve an even smoother and more youthful effect. 

Do you need to lift your neck?

Dr. Bhar will consider you a good candidate if you have one or more of the following concerns: 

  • An appearance popularly referred to as a ‘turkey neck’
  • Horizontal banding across the neck 
  • Sagging underneath the jawline creating difficult to remove jowls 
  • Excess fat under the chin which doesn’t budge with diet or exercise 
  • Sagging skin creating jowls along your jawline
  • A contrast in skin tone and quality between the neck and face 
  • A desire to feel more confident about your facial silhouette 


What are the benefits of a neck rejuvenation? 

  • Smoother neck contour 
  • Tauter and more well-defined jawline 
  • Lifts and tightens sagging skin 
  • More parity between quality of skin on the face and neck 
  • More youthful appearance
  • Removal of double-chin 
  • Straightforward “lunchtime procedure” with no recovery downtime needed 

How long do the results of a neck rejuvenation last? 

The results of the neck thread lift technique typically last between 18 and 24 months. We recommend repeating the treatment after 1-2 years to maintain optimum results. 

Why choose Dr. Bhar? 

To discuss your concerns and expectations about how to achieve perfectly toned neck, schedule your free consultation with Dr. Bhar today. Call 020 7935 6554 or get in contact by expressing your interest via this form. 

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