How to get a nose job… without the surgery

The decision to get a nose job is often about much more than looks. Humps, bumps, witch tips, crooked bridges, flared nostrils, strawberry blobs; the pursuit of a perfectly shaped nose has long been the preoccupation of many men and women due to its prominence on the face and the intrinsic role it plays in our self-confidence.

How does a PDO nose augmentation work?

PDO threads are inserted into the nose to enhance the bridge and tip, depending on your goals. Once inserted and pulled tight, the cog threads will form together to create a scaffolding structure, helping to lift the nose tip, making it sharper and smaller and adding greater definition to the nose bridge.

What are the benefits?

-Results are immediately noticeable

-PDO threads stimulate collagen production, lifting any sagging skin around the nose area

-More youthful appearance to your face

-Very safe, straightforward and effective

-No recovery time required


-Affordable compared to rhinoplasty

-Offers less risk and pain than other surgical options

Are you a candidate for the perfect nose?

Rhinoplasties may be too severe an option for somebody looking for a small tweakments, or perhaps you’ve had a rhinoplasty and are looking to further refine the results? Either way, if you’re fretting about the shape of your nose, the PDO nose lift is the perfect solution for a personalisable, quick and safe result.

Dr. Bhar will consider you a good candidate if as well as being healthy you want to achieve any of the following nose augmentations:

-Reshape nose by reducing or increasing size
-Remove nose hump
-Alter shape of nose tip
-Narrow span of nostrils
-Change angle between nose and upper lip
-Define and resculpt your nose

Why choose Dr. Bhar?

To discuss your concerns and expectations about how to achieve the perfectly proportioned nose, schedule your free consultation with Dr. Bhar today.

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