PDO Chin Tightening

The best cure for a double-chin

A double-chin or sagging skin under the chin is one of the most frustrating aesthetic issues a woman can have. Diet and exercise can only get you so far once stubborn small pockets of fat are accumulating under your chin. Before you turn to turtlenecks to hide your aging chin, consider a chin lift for a permanent reversal to these unappealing changes.

Why do I have a double-chin?

As we age the muscles in the lower face start to lose tension and elasticity and start to become slack. The body can then start storing excess fat in this pouch, causing the skin to droop even further.

How does the PDO chin lift work?

PDO chin tightening is a non-invasive and safe surgery that doesn’t even require you to go under the knife. PDO threads are inserted into the year to tighten and lift the affected area. This stitching method has been used in medicine for over 30 years, and is now being applied in aesthetics.

Turning back this telltale sign of aging requires a professional with expertise in chin and neck procedures. Dr. Bhar is an expert in facial rejuvenation and has a leading understanding of how to transform the complicated chin and neck area. A Diplomate of the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow, a Korean Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, and Board Certified from the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Bhar is qualified to handle your procedure with the utmost safety and help you achieve the tight chin and jawline results you desire.

The benefits of chin tightening

1. A tighter jawline – Collagen fibers contract and multiply which firms and improves laxity.
2. Improved skin texture – Connective tissue contracts to improve the skin’s contour, texture, and architecture.
3. A smoother and smaller neckline – Circulation improves and retained fluids drain from the subcutaneous adipose tissue to reduce edema (swelling), erythema (redness) and overall volume of the under-chin area.

How long do the results last?

The positive results of the chin lift can last up to two years and can be used in conjunction with Dr. Bhar’s other treatments for an integrated bespoke rejuvenation program.

Are you a candidate for chin tightening?

Dr. Bhar will consider you a good candidate for the PDO Chin Tightening if, as well as being in good health, you have one or more of the following concerns:

  • Sagging skin on your jawline, resulting in jowls
  • Fat deposits underneath the chin which interfere with the contour of your neck
  • Excess fat under the jawline creating a double-chin or triple-chin
  • Horizontal banding underneath the chin
  • Difficulty in budging stubborn fat under the jawline
  • Desire to appear more youthful and boost self-confidence

To discuss your concerns and expectations about the PDO Chin Tightening, schedule your free consultation with Dr. Dheeraj Bhar today. Call 020 7935 6554 or get in contact by expressing your interest via this form.

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