What is PRP?

PRP is known as the Platelet-rich plasma which is also known as autologous conditioned plasma. PRP is a substance which promotes healing when injected. It is a component of the blood which carries a special “factor” or proteins that help the blood to clot. It also contains proteins which support cell growth.

The idea is to inject PRP into damaged tissues which stimulate the body to grow new and healthy cells and promote healing. Because the tissue growth factors are more concentrated in the prepared growth injections, the body’s tissues may heal faster.

Facts about PRP

  1. At Harley Street Surgery, Dr. Bhar uses PRP to encourage healing and to reduce inflammation.
  2. In order to perform PRP, Dr. Bhar first draws blood from the person being treated.
  3. Side effects can be mild nausea, passing out and dizziness.

Benefits of PRP

There are a few benefits of PRP including:

  1. Hair growth

Dr. Bhar injects PRP into the scalp, as a way of reducing the inflammation which can lead to hair growth.

  1. Tissue Healing

Dr. Bhar uses PRP to help people heal after jaw and plastic surgeries. Examples of tissues that PRP has been used on include:

  • Tendons


  • Ligaments


  • Muscles


  • Ligaments can take some time and can be difficult to heal, which can make PRP an attractive option for some of those who have experienced injuries to this tissue group.
  1. Inflammation reduction

At our clinic, we use PRP to reduce inflammation caused by osteoarthritis. This inflammation can lead to painful and stiff joints.

How PRP works?

Platelets are blood cells with various roles to play in the body. One is to encourage blood clotting so that a person does not excessively bleed when they are cut. Another is to hold the protein in the blood which helps wounds to heal.

A small blood sample is taken from the person who is being treated and put into a centrifuge or other specialized device that spins at high speed. This process separates platelets from other blood components. The concentration of platelets is then injected into the area of the person’s body that needs to be treated.

Because the injection carries a high concentration of platelets which can be formed 5 to 10 times more than the untreated blood, the platelets will speed up healing.

About Dr. Bhar

Dr. D Bhar has trained across three continents and is a Diplomate of the Royal College Of Surgeons of Glasgow, a Korean Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, and Board Certified from the American Board Of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Bhar brings you an Exclusive and Premier service in Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery.

He doesn’t just practice Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery, he practices the art of perfecting beauty by creating through meticulous skill and delicate dexterity a vision to sculpt and reshape the human form.

He makes people beautiful.

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