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Rejuvenate Your Skin – Use Cosmetic Skin Peel Treatment

Chances are, you’ve heard of skin peel treatment and may have thought about trying this beauty treatment method yourself. But how do they work? Do they have any harmful effects, and what precautions should you take while using them? Make sure you have all the information before deciding if you ought to go ahead with this treatment.


What Skin Peel Treatments are Available?


There are several types of skin peels available, however glycolic acid peel and TCA Easy Peel are the most popular and effective treatments. They both are based on mild acids derived from fruit, which gently slough off dead skin, with glycolic peel being slightly milder than TCA peel.

Glycolic Acid Peel


Glycolic acid is extracted from sugar cane. This gentle acid is used to eradicate impurities such as dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and promote the growth of new, healthy skin. After several sessions of glycolic acid peel – generally 6-8 short sessions, once a week – the skin will be noticeably smoother and softer.

A glycolic peel is a natural treatment and does not normally produce any side effects as long as it has been applied by a qualified beauty therapist. It is not suitable for everyone, though, you should not undergo glycolic acid treatment if you have been taking Accutane medication in the last 12 months or if you have ever experienced kidney failure. Skin peels should also be avoided if you currently have any problems with your skin such as eczema, or any skin injuries.


TCA Easy Peel


TCA Easy Peel uses a stronger acid than glycolic peel and as such works much more deeply on the skin’s surface. It can be applied to the skin of the face or the hands to improve the overall health of the skin and make it look younger.


Affects of TCA Easy peel Treatment


The peel removes several top layers of skin, smoothing it out to reduce wrinkles and lines. TCA Easy Peel treatment takes 15-30 minutes per session. There will be an immediately noticeable effect, with the skin feeling tauter and healthier. Over the course of a few days, the top layers of skin will peel away and the fresher, healthier skin beneath will be revealed.


Precaution after TCA Easy Peel


After treatment with TCA peel, your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight for 6-8 weeks. During this time you should take care to keep the skin protected from the sun with hats and sun cream of SPF30 or higher. TCA Easy Peel has not been found to give any harmful side effects.


Before and after image of skin peel
Before and After Skin Peel


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