Why Autumn is the perfect time for aesthetic treatments

In order to maximise the results from cosmetic surgery, it’s important to plan according to the season and your schedule. Whilst tweakments are easy to squeeze in here and there throughout the year, if you’re planning anything more heavy-duty, the autumnal season provides the perfect storm of elements to achieve top results and a discreet and comfortable recovery. Here are some treatments we recommend taking advantage of during the sweater weather. 


  1. Laser hair removal – If you’re looking for a more permanent solution for unwanted facial hair or excess body hair, laser hair removal is the perfect option. A course of treatments to fully destroy the follicle can leave the skin temporarily sensitive to sunlight and you may experience some redness and irritation immediately after. For exposed skin areas such as legs, arms and face, consider starting the treatment in September.
  2. Tummy tuck – A tummy tuck scar takes between several months to a year to fade. Logistically, the autumn months are the only time to undergo the procedure, if you want to maintain your winter holiday and summer lifestyle. Baggy sweaters hide the post-op compression bandages and scars will fade in time for your summer holidays. 
  3. Chemical peels – This glow-tastic treatment is the go-to option for anyone suffering from lacklustre, dull, lined facial skin. It supercharges skin rejuvenation. The only drawback is that two weeks downtime is needed to recuperate after the peel procedure, and sunscreen is a necessity for at least three months after the treatment. The longer nights and darker days during winter offer the perfect opportunity to hunker down and recuperate.
  4. Breast augmentation – Clients often find the colder months preferable to recover from a breast augmentation, as you can discreetly settle into your new enhanced shape from the comfort of sweaters and coats. Undergoing the procedure in the fall also ensures you’ll be on tip-top form for the winter party season. 
  5. Laser skin resurfacing – Laser resurfacing sloughs away the outer layer of dead skin cells to encourage regeneration deep in the skin’s membrane. It’s loved for its ability to eliminate lines and wrinkles. Invest in the autumnal months: recovery will be so much easier due to reduced sunlight. It’s important to protect yourself from the sun during the 3 month recovery period to prevent pigmentation problems. Undertaking it during the autumn months will give you a headstart. 
  6. Brazilian butt lift – Conceal your augmented shape and recover discreetly from a Brazilian butt lift during the cooler, more comfortable autumnal months. Re-emerge for the winter season fully recovered and ready to celebrate the holidays with friends and family. 

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