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The Ultra Brow Lift Technique was created to address sagging of the upper eyelids in order to alleviate a tired or angry appearance.

Are Ultra Brow Lift Technique For You?

It is Non-invasive and non-surgical.

Results are instant and are lasting.

The Ultra Brow Lift Technique involves a device that delivers skin gradual, constant Ultrasound/RF energy deeply into the skin. A heat buildup is created by this energy at the junction where the skin and fat layer meet.

Collagen bundles deep in the skin are modified by this heat, resulting in the stimulation of new collagen growth plus a contraction of the skin resulting in firmer, tighter, and younger looking skin.

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What to Expect

Patients do not need to do any preparation prior to receiving a treatment. It is suggested that patient be well hydrated.

An Ultra Brow Lift Technique treatment session itself will take 30–60 minutes.

During the Ultra Brow Lift Technique treatment a conductive gel is first applied to the areas to be treated.

Patient will experience a deep warming when the hand piece is applied to the skin.

For some patients the Ultra Brow Lift Technique may involve some temporary discomfort. This discomfort is a sign that the process of building collagen has begun.

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