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This uses Platelet Rich Plasma injected into the skin over the breast to rejuvenate and revitalise ailing skin conditions.

Is Vampire Breast Lift For You?

The Vampire Breast lift is also known as platelet rich plasma PRP injection and rejuvenation of the breasts and nipples.

It is used for:

  • Rejuvenation and Simulation of the natural breast tissues without surgery
  • Rejuvenation of skin of the breasts
  • Naturally filling the upper pole of the breasts where gravity has its toll and sagging is most apparent
  • Rejuvenating the sensation and appearance of nipples and the areola
  • Improve uneven breasts
  • Rejuvenate breast which are floppy, deflated and empty to improve sagging of the breasts
  • Improve hardness of breasts after breast implant known as capsule formation
  • Improve rippling of the breasts after breast implant especially unsightly rippling caused by breast implants

Just like the vampire facelift, the vampire breast lift relies on stimulating the natural existent stem cells by injecting platelet rich plasma rich with growth factors extracted from the patient and injected back into specific sites of the breast. Think of it as fertilizer with the breasts.

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What to Expect

To date there is no evidence of adverse effects other than discomfort and possible bruising, since it is your PRP growth factors that are being injected in your breasts to turn back their clock.

The procedure time takes 45 minutes.

You will see the results immediately but usually it takes a few weeks to a few months.

You may require a few treatments before results are seen but this entirely depends on the degree of sagging of the breats. Some notice reults even after one session. We recommend few treatments one or months apart.

There is no downtime.

It is not painful because the breasts are usually anesthetize with numbing cream prior to injections which are performed by tiny needles.

Unfortunately as the clock never stops, sagging and aging continues, hence it makes sense once results are achieved to keep maintaining these results so that it may last a lifetime .

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